Philips Successfully Recruits 'High Potential' Saudi Candidates

Published Date: July 06, 2011  - Category: Press_Release  - Views: 206  .

Riyadh, KSA - Royal Philips Electronics (NYSE: PHG, AEX: PHI) is pleased to announce that they have successfully identified several 'High Potential' candidates from a recent recruitment event that took place in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

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The event was in line with Philips' efforts to support inspired local talents and young university graduates to develop solid business experience within the company, in the fields of sales and marketing.
The competitive recruitment process saw over 300 resumes submitted through various channels, from popular job-search sites to local recruitment agencies. Through process of elimination, 34 applicants were shortlisted to participate in the standard online verbal and numeric reasoning testing. Those who excelled with the highest scores were invited to the recruitment event to participate in workshops with specially invited business sector leaders, allowing the talents to meet Philips' management and better understand the company's aims and future visions.

"The objective of Philips' Saudi recruitment initiative is to promote the development and growth of both young stimulated local and foreign talent based in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which would contribute to future sustainable growth, simultaneously for them and the company", said Dick Bunschoten, General Manager of Philips Saudi Arabia. "The initiative will also help in the creation of new employment opportunities in line with the Saudization. Four out of the final six candidates that excelled in the test received offer letters, of which 3 are Saudi nationals, and to attract more, Philips Saudi Arabia's management decided to conduct this program on an annual basis", he added.

The candidates will be trained in different functions within Philips' Middle East operations and invited to Philips' Development Career Centre in the Netherlands, to meet senior executives and other candidates from different countries. Each individual will be sent back to their regional office with an Individual Development Plan (IDP) and personalized training that will focus on the candidate's strengths and future development to help them grow within Philips. Aside from the customized IDP, there will also be other training programs, for those selected, on fact based decision making.

Philips worldwide engages with people who are keen to help improve the quality of everyday life through meaningful innovations, and be able to use and grow their talents in multi-disciplinary and often international teams. They are expected to be a direct contribution to Philips' growth, a company that is continuing to achieve success through market-driven innovations in healthcare, lighting and lifestyle.

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