Intelligent analysis technology applications colorful

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With the continuous development of the surveillance industry , intelligent monitoring application is bound to extend the product range to penetrate all sectors , and each sector are bound to combine the characteristics of their needs

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Intelligent analysis technology applications colorful

The first one : the era of big data , intelligence analysis techniques have great importance

With the continuous development of the surveillance industry , intelligent monitoring application is bound to extend the product range to penetrate all sectors , and each sector are bound to combine the characteristics of their needs , propose different requirements for intelligent monitoring . Security surveillance technology for intelligent monitoring requirements , a variety of actual demand from industry-specific characteristics to monitor , each industry may need to monitor certain types of intelligent monitoring technology. The era of big data , intelligence analysis techniques to get attention , and its future development will be going?

The era of big data , intelligence analysis techniques have great importance

In the era of big data , people are more intelligent video analysis technology value . Intelligent video analysis relies on the video content analysis algorithm for video , video by extracting key information , or the associated marking process and to form the corresponding event and alarm monitoring mode , it can be quickly retrieved by a variety of attributes. If the IP camera seen people 's eyes , and intelligent video surveillance system can understand human brain. Intelligent video technology with powerful computing capabilities of the processor, the video screen for high-speed analysis of massive data , access to information that people need.

Now intelligent video analysis technology has gradually been accepted , but before the emergence of intelligent video analysis technology to analyze massive video has been plagued by a problem of people , such people do not care if the valuables left in the taxi or bus how to do ? Many people think that with the security IP camera, things will be a lot easier , but the fact this it? For related investigators , the query vast amounts of video monitoring information is a miserable job, great anxiety and tangled in the vast haystack .

2012 , Nanjing had " 1.6" robberies . In the case of the detection process, Nanjing police from the city's more than 10,000 cameras were extracted nearly 2000T video data , in order to deal with these videos , mobilizing more than 1,500 policemen Search Search video clues , consuming a total of more than a month . With so many monitoring data , actively look to find evidence and clues , is tantamount to a haystack , but the current reality is often forced to use human wave tactics for viewing. The trial of a case needs to see a broader view of the IP camera video , judged by looking at the amount of video often reach hundreds of thousands of hours.

In the current artificial view mode , the traditional method requires the order of play from start to finish , often require several times the original video of time to see the completion of the trial , and therefore requires a lot of staff overtime continuously for several weeks to see video of the trial . In order to avoid omissions and errors , many forensic team used to increase human input method . But proven that this method thankless , still can not solve the underlying problem. Both the progress and impact of the detection efficiency , but also makes the workers are exhausted . If there are intelligent video analysis technology for moving objects , such as video retrieval and exclusion , can greatly improve the work efficiency .

Important role in intelligent video analysis technology is no doubt in the field of security , which can quickly search for information from the mass to the information you need. For major criminal cases, can help the police solve the case as soon as possible , saving investigators time policemen .

In addition , the use of intelligent video analysis system can be pre-warning prevention. Such as face recognition matching system , the public security organs than by building recognition system , the establishment of a database to capture the human face , the human face information archiving, and build relationships with personal identity , using face to search the actual application process , blacklist armed stranger identification number of intelligent analysis technology has greatly enhanced the effectiveness of video surveillance to prevent that allows criminals to hide no . Due to the intelligent video analysis and definition related products have not been real popularity , HD monitor layout point of the community is not perfect , there is only carried out using for certain industries, but also much less than universal .

Only the use of large quantities of HD IP camera, capture a clear increase , the possibility of the front face , in order to better combat effectiveness . It also requires police and enterprises to strengthen cooperation and increase the density of monitoring points deployed . Since the deployment of a large number of monitoring points will bring massive video , need to focus on the application of intelligent video analysis technology, rational use of technology , human-machine cooperation, play to their strengths and technology, in order to effectively assist the investigation staff.

Currently intelligent video analysis technology has gradually matured , and the efforts and contributions of these security companies are inseparable , they are the pioneer of intelligent video analysis , the development of intelligent video analysis technology could become role models , promote research and development of the industry pace, really bring revolutionary changes for the massive video analysis and retrieval .

Section 2 : Application of intelligent video analysis technology development direction

Intelligent video analysis technology development direction

Intelligence Applications colorful. The first is the intelligent recognition technology license plate recognition , face recognition as the representative of the core , mainly used in electronic police, machine Yang Customs . Another is a perimeter guard , people counting , automatic tracking, retrograde , No parking rules such as the representative of the behavior analysis technology , mainly used in the perimeter fence warning area , shopping , transportation , attractions, traffic statistics , road No parking ban , illegal retrograde , scene tracking and so on. Such as:

1 , dual automatic tracking : Intelligence IP video camera plus fastball ordinary way . Can be applied to the city police emergency plan. Emergencies object tracking .

2, human traffic statistics : the number of people out of the marked area statistics , the statistical analysis used in supermarket shoppers traffic, to help businesses develop appropriate marketing strategies . Applied attractions, subway, providing traffic data for personnel control applications.

3 , through the warning area : By setting a virtual fence on the perimeter detection. When they find suspicious persons or objects through the fence , that triggered the alarm , and the alarm signal is uploaded to the monitoring and management center. While the alarm screen by uploading to a remote monitoring network users. Zebra crosswalk or used in road transport , factory walls in key areas , schools , detention centers and other walls .

4, Lost Analysis: On the monitor screen to draw a drop zone warning area important items as long as the goods leave the warning area , it will immediately trigger an alarm rules. Used in key protected area such as museums , galleries, auction, gold and silver shops.

5, the direction of the analysis: in the actual monitoring , people may be concerned about the direction of motion and the direction of traffic flow , and by identifying the direction of the target can determine whether walking or driving illegal , if there is adverse behavior , the target will be automatically locked, and also the police. Applied to one-way traffic on the road ; important entrances and exits .

6 , intelligent tracking : for suspicious people or objects targeted for recording the trajectory of the target , while the target IP camera will follow the rotation and the police. Used in high-end residential , cut into the area of ​​personnel , confidential area , it is important to protect the area and so on. And as after the incident, the case of the track during playback for analysis. Achieve rapid detection effect.

Intelligent video analysis system to solve the security personnel freed from the complex and boring " stare at the screen " , is composed of equipment to complete this part of the work ; another one is realized from the vast amounts of video data in a quick search to find the image you want . Studies have shown that watching television operator walls more than 10 minutes after missing 90% of the video leaving the job lost its meaning , often monitoring system to trace afterwards became the basis for the event.

But intelligent video analysis system forensics afterwards put into a proactive defense , making the cost of the project can most provinces , to achieve the most effective security . Intelligent video analysis system successfully used in all walks of life , has played a pivotal role.


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