Best Campground Palmetto (Blind Golf buggy Race)

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My wife and I have experienced in excess of 100 campgrounds over the last 7 years of full time living in our motor home. The day that we went camping in Palmetto Fl, we discovered a real gem of a campground, Winterset RV Resort. We just need to reveal to you an event that was a "first" for us to watch and enjoy in all of our trips - a blind golf cart race!

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Me and my wife have come across over one hundred campgrounds over the last seven years of full-time living in our motor home. The day that we decided to go camping in Palmetto Fl, we stumbled upon a real gem of a campground, Winterset RV Resort. We simply must share with you an event which was a "first" for both of us to watch and enjoy in all of our trips - a blind golf cart race!

Visualize yellow safety cones set up in the middle of the street and the object is for the blindfolded driver, with the directives of his golfcart friend (who isn't blindfolded) to navigate their golf buggy from start to finish without ever hitting the cones or the spectators. (Not kidding. We almost got run over). The rules were relatively easy. No wife and husband teams (because the managers, Barbara and Doug Roper, said they did not wish to be blamed for any divorces) and points were taken away for any cones that were hit.

Obviously, for safety's sake, the cart drivers could hardly race all at the same time like NASCAR but needed to "race" one at a time. The very first crew of Rick and Jack (I have an idea that they had been practicing the week before) took off and made it to the finish line in a little over one minute. The 2nd team of Michele and Lucile were a little bit more cautious and almost wacked a couple of cones but made a very reasonable time of a bit more than 2 minutes. The third crew beyond doubt hadn't been practicing. Laura (blindfolded driver) and Rose started off by heading for the grass. Rose rapidly and extremely commandingly instructed Laura No! Not that way go this way directing unaware that the driver could not make out her gestures. Laura, turns sharper right Rose yells, "No, the other waythat wayRight or left?". "I told you left". OK, Laura gets it, she charges left but she speeds up and is moving directly for a unfortunate innocent orange cone that is just standing there. "Stop! Stop!" yells a scared Rose. Too late. Crunch goes the very first of the many mangled cones. Laura halts - on top of the cone. "Back up!" instructs Rose. At this point, the cone is jammed underneath the cart, the scraping noise is driving Laura over the edge and so she attempts to peek under the blindfold while driving towards the grass.

That was only the first 100 feet. Fifteen minutes later Rose and Laura limp to the finish line dragging three cones and winning the "Booby prize". To spell out the remainder of the "race" would be anticlimactic, so I'll just leave it to your imagination.

After all the carts and competitors ended up safe and sound at the finish line, everybody was treated to a delightful chicken bar-b-quewith all the trimmings, complements of Winterset administration. That's really one of the several reasons we love it at Winterset RV Resort so we believe that it deserves the title of "Best Camping in Palmetto, FL".

Add the heated swimming pool, tennis, pickle ball and shuffleboard courts, horseshoe pits, driving range for the golf players, an exercise gym that boasts many fitness machines including a Bowflex as well as a treadmill, we've got it all. Now that the chilly climate on the way, we'll be heading out on picturesque Frog Creek with a canoe, kayak or paddle boat for free to residents.

No matter whether you are in a big Class A motor home or a smaller fifth wheel or trailer, you're certain to enjoy it here where "full hookup" acually has genuine meaning: water, sewer line, dependable fifty amp electric, free of charge WI-FI, elective cable, all at charges that will keep you smiling. For all those not having an RV, drop by and say "Hi" to Barbara. She's got park models for purchase or rent in a wide range of prices to match for practically any budget. There are lots of fun and sun for everyone at Winterset RV Resort, the very best camping in Palmetto, FL

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