Play Pokemon Soulsiver On R4 Nintendo DS Card

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Another thing you can do on the 'Pokemon SoulSliver' r4 nintendo ds Pokewalker is catch 'r4i ds' Pokemon. This is my favorite part.

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The NDS community players users and gamers loved playing games whenever they gets the chance. The 'Pokemon SoulSilver' is found on the top most list of r4 nintendo ds games in the market currently. Many gamers are raving about 'Pokemon SoulSliver' R4 nintendo ds throughout the world!

The Good:

Graphics: The graphics have greatly enhanced for 'Pokemon SoulSliver' from passed 'r4i ds' pokemon versions. The 'Pokemon SoulSliver' characters, fields, towns, etc. have ALL enhanced. It is obviously a GREAT step from the original silver and gold. But it is also a step up from Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum!

Pokewalker: Some of you may have heard of r4 nintendo ds the 'Pokemon SoulSliver' Pokewalker that comes along with the game. The 'Pokemon SoulSliver' Pokewalker, in my opinion, is one of the greatest 'r4i ds' that r4 nintendo ds Nintendo/Gamefreak could have designed. With the r4 nintendo ds 'Pokemon SoulSliver' Pokewalker you transfer one Pokemon from you storage box onto the walker. For every step you take you gain 1 Exp point. The down side is you can only level up once per walk. Another thing you can do on the 'Pokemon SoulSliver' r4 nintendo ds Pokewalker is catch 'r4i ds' Pokemon. This is my favorite part. Using the 'Pokemon SoulSliver' Pokewalker I have caught (before the 3rd gym leader) Nidorans, Slopokes, and a Ponyta. Most of these 'Pokemon SoulSliver' Pokemon you find you won't encounter until later. Catching them is very easy to. The downside is, is that when I caught them they were between level 5-10. However the more r4 nintendo ds 'Pokemon SoulSliver' paths you unlock (I won't go into detail) the higher level the 'Pokemon SoulSliver' pokemon are you can catch 'r4i ds'. Another thing you can do with the 'Pokemon SoulSliver' Pokewalker is discover items which can be somewhat helpful. I have found revives and repels which sometimes can be helpful.

Other Positives: For those who have played R4 3DS Diamond and Pearl you will remember that you can migrate 'r4i ds' Pokemon. r4 nintendo ds 'Pokemon SoulSliver' and Heartgold allow this ability to. Of course that is after you defeat the elite four and get the national 'Pokemon SoulSliver' Pokedex. The 'r4i ds' Wi-Fi ability is great to. Some aspects of the game you can enjoy with up to five friends. That depends on what you do though. But let me tell you, 'r4i ds' so cool.

The Bad:

In some ways it may seem repetitive but if you love r4 nintendo ds Pokemon you will love it. Nothing, to me, is really all the bad. I mean you have to remember that it is a remake. So yes it may seem repetitive, it may seem re-done...but in the end it is a r4 nintendo ds 'Pokemon SoulSliver' RE-MAKE.

Bottom Line:

I say buy 'Pokemon SoulSliver'. It is a great addition to the Pokemon series. When I play it it feels like I've never played silver and gold. I suggest %100 buy it. Its a great 'Pokemon SoulSliver' adventure!

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