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The proliferation in crime and theft rates over the recent years has accelerated the importance of using the security camera and surveillance systems in almost all the major sectors of day to day life....

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Hi-tech digital security products within your easy reach!

Shenzhen, China-January 23, 2013 - The proliferation in crime and theft rates over the recent years has accelerated the importance of using the security camera and surveillance systems in almost all the major sectors of day to day life. A security camera can help in crime management in two ways: the camera footage can help officials to investigate the cause of the crime and punish the criminals, secondly it can allow the officials to know in advance that a theft or any other criminal activity is being planned so that they can take immediate steps to deter it. People thus are installing security cameras in large numbers these days in their home and business to ensure full-proof safety.

One leading China-based company that has emerged as a global leader in supplying good quality security cameras of almost all kinds and all major brands to global customers is King Leader Technology Co. Ltd. The company operates online through its website Kl-security.com. Kl-security solutions are recognized worldwide for their innovative technology, unique designs, hi-speed digital functioning and stable performances. The company's R&D Headquarter is based in Shenzhen's hi-tech Centre of Research. The Chinese government recognizes the company as one of the most developed companies specializing in security & surveillance products and this has given the company the supreme electronic R&D manufacturing technique patent for kl-security camera products.

The King Leader Factory runs efficiently the different departments; i.e. the production, marketing, mold production, R&D and Administration departments. This is first company in the in the security camera Industry to apply the unique management system called the SAP ERP system. With the help of this system all customer needs can aptly be met by coupling management perfectly with manufacturing. “Our company's motto is ‘Produce Unique Products' and we sincerely strive to achieve that end not only in terms of the in-built technology used in our products but also with respect to the outward appearance of our products”, says a team member.

The company offers a wide range of security products among which there is CCTV Camera, IP camera, WDR camera, Analog camera, PTZ Domes, Effio camera, IR camera and so on. Often people confuse between CCTV cameras and IP cameras but they are slightly different from each other. IP (Internet Protocol) cameras unlike CCTV cameras can receive & send data via the internet or computer network. At Kl-security.com customers can get high quality HD IP Camera and CCTV security camera at an affordable price.

“I wished to purchase some advanced security solutions for my office. The CCTV cameras ip camera I purchased at Kl-security.com were exceptional in their performance and quality”, says a happy shopper. For more info visit www.kl-security.com

King Leader Technology Co., LTD. We are one of kl-security camera the leading factories which develops and produces CCTV products in China, supported by the Chinese government as the most importantly developed company.King Leader has a R&D headquarter in Shenzhen high-tech research center, possessing the most advanced patent for electronic R&D technique, leading us to be among the best in China.

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In the world of the night, pitch dark, it all can not see, let alone monitor. Indeed, security network camera, night vision has been a troubled everyone's problem. Dim light and infrared imaging is to use existing security technology, the most widely used night vision technology. Low light level imaging is mainly used in anti-terrorism investigation, the night vision of military operations, and infrared night vision imaging is mainly used for night surveillance cameras to monitor more..