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Online  Kandireega Telugu  Movie Kollywood,Watch  Kandireega Movie, Download  Kandireega Movie KannadaSeenu (Ram) is a mischievous guy. He couldn’t complete his graduation and his father (Chandramohan) doesn’t want to get him married unless he completes his education. So, he decides to go to the city and complete his graduation. As he steps in the college, he happens to meet Shruti (Hansika) and loses his heart in the first sight. However, a local goon Bhavani (Sonu Sood) wants to marry her and Shruti is afraid of him as Bhavani is breaking the hands and legs of those,

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 who look at her. Finding this, Seenu goes straight to Bhavani and challenges him that he could save her physically but if she falls in love, with someone, he could not arrest her soul. Bhavani agrees and wanted to test it with Seenu himself. So, Seenu thrashes goons who were after Shruti and make her believe that he could save her from Bhavani. As per the agreement, Seenu makes Shruti to love him and proves it to Bhavani. But Bhavani wanted to forcibly marry Shruti. Seenu lifts Shruti from the venue and takes her away. But some other goons follow them and kidnap Shruti. Bhavani reveals that those, who kidnapped are the followers of Warangal Rajanna (Jayaprakash Reddy), who is much bigger goonda than him. Why he abudcted her? What role Aksha plays in the film? Will Bhavani join hands with Seenu to find the goons? Answer to all these questions should be seen on-screen.

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