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A disparate group of young urban offenders and their care workers embark on a community service weekend in the strange, remote Yorkshire village of Mortlake, which prides on keeping itself to itself. A minor incident with some local inbred youths rapidly escalates into a blood-soaked, deliriously warped nightmare for all involved. This is a demented horror film

Cast : (in credits order) , Jo Hartley as Kate , Seamus O’Neill as Jim , James Doherty as Jeff , James Burrows as Tim , Neil Leiper as Gris , Chris Waller as Dwight , Nadine Rose Mulkerrin as Sam , Terry Haywood as Zeb , Damien Lloyd-Davies as Rats , Derek Melling as Greg , Mark Rathbone as Ron , Dominic Brunt as Podge , Mat Fraser as Jacob , George Newton as Wilf , Michael Sanderson as Brendan , Neil Keenan as Vern , Martin Howard as Glover , Lee Jerrum as Specs rest of cast listed alphabetically: , Emily Booth as June, Gus Bousfield as Mr.Organ, Julian Butler as Manning, Marc Jordan as Clive, Patrick Lally as Jack, Turkish as Himself

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