About Us

Blogymate by definition is a modern aggregator of blogs and micro-blogs that allow bloggers to reach thousands and thousands of web users immediately!  Once your blog is created and uploaded onto the site, you can literally sit back and watch the kind of activity you could previously only dream about.  Blogymate’s focus and attention to integrating social media platforms allows any user to share articles using Facebook, Twitter, digg and LinkedIn as well as numerous other channels that will continuously drive attention to the work of each blogger.

Blogymate also allows you to be friends with and follow the activity of fellow bloggers while also allowing you to socially market your blog using our social media widgets and plug-ins.  With thousands of daily visitors accessing Blogymate, your blogs/micro-blogs are seen, shared and re-seen by thousands more – have ever experienced that before?  What’s more is that you can save your favourite articles within Blogymate and refer back to them whenever you please.  In addition, Blogmate also allows you to post live blogs, a feature that will become more and more prominent in the very near future.

Like Wordpress and Blogspot Blogymate will also allow you to build your own blog site using the Blogymate API and content management system.  Unlike Wordpress and Blogspot, your blog will also be marketed on the main site.  That’s right, Blogymate will drive traffic back to your site…immediately!

Our team

We are a small, but quickly growing team. We live in UAE and we came from places all over the world.

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