What are the best parts of BlogyMate

  • Backup your blog

    Backup your blog

    BlogyMate gives you the option to create a backup of all of your articles. Each backup can also be browsed when the article is off-line.

  • Age Protected Post

    Age Protected Post

    Does your article contain sensitive material? You can restrict your article based on age by allowing user's to verify their age using facebook. In addition, you can also restrict article visibility on gender.

  • Friends and Follower

    Friends and Follower

    BlogyMate is a Social Blogging platform that allows you to create friends and follow others all from a single platform.

  • Share Bookmarklet

    Share Bookmarklet

    BlogyMate Bookmarklet makes it insanely easy to share anything you're looking at on the web.

  • Post Anything

    Post Anything

    Blogymate makes it effortless to share anything you find or create.Post text, photos, micro post, links, videos and more.

  • Android Application

    Android Application

    The BlogyMate Android application helps writers to publish articles directly from their smart phones.

  • Mobile Optimization

    Mobile Optimization

    BlogyMate is a fully mobile optimized site, with each article displayed perfectly for every handset available in the market today.

  • Job Market

    Job Market

    Want to write for a living? BlogyMate will shortly be launching a job section specifically for bloggers.

  • SEO Optimized

    SEO Optimized

    Want to be found quickly? BlogyMate is a SEO friendly site. All content is optimized in such a way that search engine's such as Google, Yahoo! or Bing can easily find and index each and every article. At present, 75% of BlogyMate visitors find us through search.

  • Internal analytics

    Internal analytics

    BlogyMate provides analytics for its blogger. It helps them to understand visitor responses for each article posted.

  • RSS Feed

    RSS Feed

    RSS Feeds are an easy way to share content in different media and readers. BlogyMate dynamically generates XML based RSS feeds for this purpose.

  • API to build website

    API to build website

    BlogyMate provides around a hundred API's to build your website/blog using BlogyMate as your content management system.

  • Co-Writer


    BlogyMate allows bloggers to co-write single blog articles. Perfect for corporate or organization-wide blogs.

  • Share with Social Media

    Share with Social Media

    BlogyMate allows users to share articles in different Social Networks

  • Widgets


    Widgets help you to show you blog on your website in a easy way. Just copy the code and put it on your website. Sit back and watch your site visitors grow!

  • Badge for Blogger

    Badge for Blogger

    Platinum Blogger? BlogyMate Badges represent how active and popular you are on BlogyMate. Badges also let you see how active your friends are too!

  • Privacy and Notification

    Privacy and Notification

    Our transparent privacy and notification settings allow you to remain firmly in control of who contacts you and how often.

  • Queue your posts

    Queue your posts

    Want to spread your article posting out over a given period of time? BlogyMate's configurable publish settings automatically publish yourposts on a designated date.

  • Earn Money

    Earn Money

    BlogyMate allows third parties to advertise on your blog – if you wish!You can place any advertisement on your blog and earn money in the process.