BlogyMate is a Social Blogging site. It is social because you can make friends, follow other users and share articles easily at the click of a button. In addition, you can also be a co-writer of friend’s or company blog.

In essence, BlogyMate is a combination of a micro blog (e.g. Twitter) as well as a more traditional blog (e.g. Wordpress) allowing users to create a total of five different kinds of posts. In todays online world where content is king (and then some), BlogyMate provides the ideal platform tocreate blogs not only to share with the BlogyMate community, but to also to distribute your content over the web, using the 100+ API options available. Using API you can create your own blog site in your domain or create a blog within a existing website, ensuring that site owners gain recognition for the content hosted on their website from credibility and search engine optimisation perspectives.

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