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  • Quest Nutrition, Matthew Santoro Drop Trailer For ‘Food For Thought’ Series

    Quest-Nutrition-Matthew-Santoro-Food-for-Thought-TrailerQuest Nutrition and Matthew Santoro will soon have lots of random food facts to teach you. The healthy snack brand and YouTube star have released the trailer for their upcoming web series Food for Thought, which is set to premiere on May 28, 2015.

    In the trailer, Santoro, who boasts over 6.1 million subscribers on his own channel, explains how Food for Thought will cover “tasty, little-known facts” for all the foodies out there. The series will consist mostly of top ten lists, which Santoro is famous for making on his channel. Santoro gives some examples of the weird topics he’ll be discussing, like how chickens are descendants of dinosaurs and how Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson (who just officiated a wedding for the Prank It Fwd web series) eats 820 pounds of cod every year. (Seriously.)

    Quest announced Food for Thought, with Santoro already slated as host, back in April 2015. The nutrition company’s new series joins several initiatives the brand has already completed with other YouTubers. For example, Quest has worked with iJustine and Casey Ho (aka Blogilates) on videos involving healthy fudge popsicles and cooking with quality ingredients.

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  • ‘High Maintenance’ Creators Make Commercials For Storage Company

    makespace-high-maintenanceHigh Maintenance is one of the best web series the Internet has to offer, and MakeSpace, a storage company that calls itself “your closet in the cloud,” has recognized the skill of the show’s creative duo. It has enlisted HIgh Maintenance creators Katja Blichfeld and Ben Sinclair for a trio of commercials.

    The commercials advertise situations in which MakeSpace’s app-controlled storage service could come in handy. In one, a mother redecorates her son’s room just seconds after he leaves for college; in another, a woman orders some decorations on the fly to thoroughly creep out her date; the third spot, which feels the most like a short episode of High Maintenance, stars a slovenly man who pulls a fast one on his subletters.

    As an email from MakeSpace explains, the company’s VP of Marketing, Rion Harmon, is a High Maintenance fan. He noticed the similarities between the MakeSpace delivery team and High Maintenance’s pot-dealing protagonist, both of whom get sneak peeks into their clients’ lives during deliveries, and he reached out to Blichfeld and Sinclair to recruit them for the spots

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  • Dutch YouTube Star To Lead Feature Film About The Internet Crashing

    Enzo-Knol-OFFLINE-Feature-Film-Dutch-YouTuberEnzo Knol may not be a familiar name to American viewers, but the Dutch YouTuber is a celebrity in his native country of the Netherlands. Knol boasts over 680,000 subscribers and more than 300 million video views on his channel, and soon, he will star in his first feature film. It's called OFFLINE, and it will premiere in Dutch theaters sometime in 2016.

    Produced by NewBeTV and Just Productions, OFFLINE will tell the story of rival YouTubers who must work together to get the internet back online after a cyber-attack causes the web to crash and kick off an internet blackout across the Netherlands. Vincent van Zelm and Iván López Núñez are writing the comedy flick, and Núñez will also direct the film.

    Knol, who is part of the European multi-channel network Divimove (whose majority owner is FreMantleMedia), will star in the film as himself, alongside other Dutch and internationally-known YouTubers. Knol will be filming behind-the-scenes videos during the filming of OFFLINE to increase awareness and interest in the movie among his social media followers.

    ‘’The concept of OFFLINE really appealed to me because the internet plays such an essential part in my daily life, and in that of the other YouTubers of course,” Knol said in a release. “This is a great project and I am very excited to play a leading role in it.”

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  • Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson Officiates A Wedding For ‘Prank It Fwd’ Web Series

    dwayne-johnson-the-rock-prank-it-fwdDefy Media’s Prank It Fwd has evolved into a showcase of the best “positive pranks” the Internet has to offer. The popular web series, which recently returned for a second straight April Fools Day filled with heartwarming practical jokes, has added to its collection with a new video in which Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson officiates a surprise wedding for Screen Junkies correspondent Nick Mundy.

    Mundy, who in addition to his work with Screen Junkies also stars in the Comedy Central web series Nothing to Report, became friendly with Johnson after infamously fawning over him during a 2013 press junket. Since then, Mundy has interviewed Johnson several more times, and he planned to sit down with him again at a junket for the upcoming film San Andreas.

    Defy Media, which runs both Screen Junkies and Prank It Fwd, had other ideas. The digital production company set up a wedding altar at the junket and brought in Mundy’s fiancee Dilara, who agreed to marry her beau right there. Johnson, who is a legally ordained officiant in California, led the ceremony. Is there anything he can’t do?

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  • Tyler Oakley Visits ‘The Ellen Show’, Gets His Own ‘Ellen’ Video Set

    Tyler-Oakley-Ellen-DeGeneres-ShowTyler Oakley is already a star online. Now, his name will be more familiar to traditional television viewers, too. The 26-year-old YouTube vlogger appeared as a guest for the first time on The Ellen Show on May 21, 2015.

    Oakley, who boasts over 6.9 million subscribers on his YouTube channel, told DeGeneres he could barely believe he was alive because he was so floored to be on her show. The vlogger and author of the upcoming book Binge not only discussed his YouTube career, but also told DeGeneres about his meeting with President Obama where he called the Oval Office’s desk “cute.” Oakley also explained how one of his videos influenced the singer Ricky Martin to come out as gay, which the vlogger said was mind-blowing considering he “used to have a crush on [Martin].”

    At the end of Oakley's interview, DeGeneres said she had a gift for the YouTuber which she wanted him to use the next time he shot a video. The gift turns out to be a Ellen-themed video set, complete with a desk boasting the show's logo and a cardboard cutout of DeGeneres "sitting" next to Oakley's chair.

    Oakley took to his own YouTube channel to post a vlog about his experience on DeGeneres’s show. The digital star describes how he first encountered DeGeneres right as he entered the studio, and how he flew his mom out so she could watch him live. In his typical humble style, Oakley thanks his viewers for growing his YouTube career to where it is today. “I feel like this is a journey that we are going on together,” Oakley tells viewers. “I couldn’t be more thankful.”

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  • YouTube Millionaires: The Warp Zone Is “The Perfect Combination” For Its Team

    warp-zoneFor five friends who love video games and know how to sing, YouTube has proven to be the perfect outlet. Since 2010, The Warp Zone has provided a steady stream of entertainment by delivering a cappella renditions of famous themes and putting pop culture twists on Top 40 songs. Now, The Warp Zone has more than one million subscribers to show for its efforts, and we helped the channel's creative team celebrate by asking them a few questions about their work:

    Tubefilter: How does it feel to reach one million subscribers? What do you have to say to your fans?

    Warp Zone: It feels awesome! It’s taken us nearly 5 years of consistent uploading to get here so it feels like a huge milestone and kind of makes us look back on the incredible journey it’s taken us to get here. A lot of fans, friends, and family have been sending us their congrats so it’s felt very special. It also happened on Davis’ birthday, which made it even better!

    To the fans, we’d like to say “THANK YOU,” to everyone old and new who has subscribed to the channel. We read all of your comments, positive and negative haha ;)

    TF: How did your YouTube channel first come together?

    WZ: The 5 of us: Michael Davis, Brian Fisher, David Odom, Michael Schroeder, and Ryan Tellez started making YouTube videos together in college as part of a film club at Santa Clara University. After graduating, we all wanted to continue pursuing filmmaking together, and made a pact to move to Los Angeles. Upon moving to LA in September 2010, we started The Warp Zone YouTube channel and partnered with Maker Studios, where we also worked as production employees. We worked at Maker for 3 years until going full time on TWZ during the summer of 2013. We’ve since joined Defy Media, who has had a huge impact on our growth over the past year and a half.

    The Warp Zone as a concept came from a bond that we all shared in college over playing video games and making videos together. Several of our most popular sketches in college were focused around gaming. We also all enjoyed watching superhero movies together and still attend midnight showings as a group to this day. A few of us were even in a band together. So, a nerdy sketch comedy and music channel seemed like the perfect combination of all our interests and talents.

    Another fun fact, Odom and Fish were high school friends, as were Schroeder and Davis. Ryan is the glue that holds us all together.

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  • YouTube Debuts Clickable “TrueView For Shopping” Ads

    YouTube-TrueView-for-Shopping-1YouTube is upping its appeal to product-based merchandisers. Google’s online video site just introduced a shoppable ad format dubbed TrueView for Shopping.

    Built using the same format and style as YouTube’s card-style annotations, the new mobile-friendly TrueView for Shopping ads gives brands the option of highlighting featured products and related information within an ad on a YouTube video. Viewers can click the shopping ad to purchase the product on the brand’s website (not buy directly from YouTube).

    "One of the things we saw was people going off YouTube and searching on Google.com for that product [seen in an ad on YouTube], and then clicking the product listing,” YouTube’s senior product manager, Lane Shackleton, told AdAge. “In this case we're just reducing the friction.”

    The new TrueView shopping ads are essentially YouTube’s version of Google’s Merchant Center, which allows brands to upload product information and data for appearance in Google’s Shopping service and search results. So brands who want to use TrueView for Shopping on YouTube will need to have a Google Merchant Center account already set up. Shackleton said brands will be able to target by demographics, geography, and even past views of products on brands’ site.

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  • Endemol Beyond Expands To Asia With New Singapore Office, Head Executive

    Endemol-Beyond-Asia-Christopher-Smith-Michelle-PhanEndemol Beyond has a new branch in its global network. The self-described “premium channel network” for digital content has launched Endemol Beyond Asia, with a new office in Singapore led by new Head of Digital and Branded Content Christopher Smith.

    Endemol Beyond Asia will develop local versions of the network’s previous digital programming, starting with lifestyle content from Michelle Phan’s ICON network. The new Asian branch will also create original and branded content for regional brands and will connect with local digital talent. Smith, who has previous creative and brand experience from positions at Mindshare Singapore, Apple, Quicksilver, Nike, Disney, and Unilever, will oversee all these initiatives.

    “Endemol Beyond is a creative organization at its core and it’s exciting to leverage the years of experience and success in creatively led storytelling to the Asian market,” said Smith in a release. “There is a huge opportunity in Asia for both branded content and original digital programming. I look forward to adding to the success of Endemol Beyond in this region, and to develop our Asia based studios into one of the leading producers of outstanding content for both brands and viewers.”

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  • FailArmy Breaks Down Top Fails On Secondary Channel

    top-fails-breakdownWith more than 7.4 million subscribers and close to 1.6 billion views, the FailArmy channel is YouTube’s most popular collection of user-generated fails and practical jokes. As fans continue to flock to this ever-expanding compendium of funny moments, Jukin Media, which owns FailArmy, is expanding the brand’s presence onto a second channel. At a new home called FailArmy U (or FU for short), original programs like Top Fails Breakdown analyze every corner of the FailArmy library.

    As Jukin Media explains, FU had a soft launch in April 2015, and it has since served as the home for Top Fails Breakdown in which three hosts combine FailArmy’s “Fails of the Week” videos, user comments, and fast-paced delivery to create a 6-8 minute clip show. Here’s the most recent episode, titled “A Case of the Mondays.”

    In a release, Jukin explained that early response to Top Fails Breakdown has been “overwhelmingly positive.” "FailArmy has an incredibly passionate and engaged fanbase," said Jonathan Skogmo, Founder and CEO of Jukin Media, in the release. "Top Fails Breakdown works so well because it leverages the fans' passion and creativity in the creation of the format.”

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  • YouTube Lets Users Live Stream At 60 Frames Per Second

    live-stream-youtubeOne of the big innovations YouTube has trumpeted in the past year is the addition of high frame rates, which allow content creators on the site to release smooth, seamless videos. In particular, gamers, who make up one of YouTube’s largest communities, have released their videos in 48 and 60 frames-per-second (FPS) in order to provide a less juddery experience for their viewers.

    Now, YouTube is catering to its gamers even more. It has announced an update to its high frame-rate playback that allows its users to live stream footage at 48 and 60 FPS.

    As YouTube explains in an introductory blog post, it teamed up with three video game capture programs in order to give streamers the option to upload footage to YouTube at up to 60 FPS. “We’ll also make your stream available in 30fps on devices where high frame rate viewing is not yet available," adds the blog post, “while we work to expand support in the coming weeks.”

    At the same time, YouTube has also announced HTML5 playback for its live streams. That update allows viewers to skip around active live streams and watch them at variable playback speeds, as is already possible with normal YouTube videos.

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