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  • VHX Lets Creators Build Their Own Netflix With New Subscription Service Platform

    VHX-Subscription-Platform-Service-Black&SexyVHX has introduced a new feature to help video creators make more cash from their creations. The self-distribution platform that's powered the direct-to-consumer downloads of Aziz Ansari's comedy special, Hannah Hart, Mamrie Hart, and Grace Helbig's feature film, Cameron Dallas' Ferris Bueller's Day Off redux, and thousands of other titles just launched a subscription service platform, too. Creators can now build their own branded video subscription services and sell content directly to fans on a recurring basis.

    The initiative, dubbed VHX Subscriptions, allows creators to sign up for the revenue-sharing subscription platform for free and implement the service on their own domains. Then creators upload their videos, set rates along with an annual or monthly billing cycle, convince fans to subscribe, and collect the revenue. Each content producer has full access to video analytics, as well as customer data like email addresses. VHX takes 10% + $0.50 per transaction, and doesn’t charge any other fees for complete customer service support or maintenance work.

    Jamie Wilkinson, co-founder of VHX, explained in an email how his company’s goal of developing the technology behind online video delivery helps creators focus on creating quality content, instead of worrying about how to release it. “These content creators are the ones who know their audiences the best, and they just need the technology to make it happen,” Wilkinson said.

    Wilkinson also pointed out how VHX’s subscription platform creates opportunities for content producers to collaborate, syndicate, and share data, “none of which are possible in the current ‘walled gardens’ of iTunes, Amazon, Netflix, and other digital video retailers.” “We want to make it easier and more affordable for content creators – individuals, small businesses, and major studios alike – to launch new streaming video services with total control and flexibility,” the VHX co-founder stated.

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  • StyleHaul, Maybelline, Canvas Team Up For Scripted Series

    vanity-newfrontsThe biggest headline from StyleHaul’s presentation at the 2015 Newfronts concerned its partnership with Amazon, where several of its fashion, beauty, and style experts are offering product recommendations. At the same time, the network aimed at young women also discussed several other projects, including Vanity, the first series to be produced by Bernie Su and David Tochterman’s new digital studio, Canvas.

    Su announced Vanity at Stylehaul’s presentation, just one day after he first lifted the curtain on Canvas. He described the series to Tubefilter as “a revenge drama set in the world of beauty and fashion. It centers around orphan Lily (Alex Frnka) as she tries to discover her identity while injecting herself into the world of designer Marion Bellerose (Denise Richards) and her fashion influencer and muse Vanessa Ivy (Karrueche Tran).” The supporting cast include a few other notables, including StyleHaul partner Allie Marie Evans and Joanna Sotomura, who starred in Su’s web series Emma Approved.

    Canvas’ goal is to “develop original, scripted, and multi-platform entertainment properties for brands, publishers, and traditional media companies,”

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  • Whistle Sports Assembles New Communities For Fitness, Soccer Content

    dude-perfect-newfrontsThe multi-channel network catered to sports content continues to refine its approach across multiple categories. Whistle Sports, which has accumulated 72 million social media follows since its launch at the beginning of 2014, announced new verticals for its fitness and soccer creators as well as seven new original programs during its presentation at the 2015 Newfronts.

    The two new Whistle “communities” join existing hubs the network previously created to house its basketball and lacrosse content. As Whistle Sports Head of Content Partnerships Julie Kikla explained, these verticals have been well-received, which encouraged the network to expand its categorical approach to other sports.

    Whistle Sports will also build out its library through a host of new original programs that will feature the stars of its network. Dude Perfect, the trick shot channel that has been partnered with Whistle Sports since the network’s launch, will host Face Off, in which its stars will compete against each other in a variety of sporting challenges.

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  • Beyoncé Signs Three Teen YouTube Artists For $1.5 Million In Contracts

    Beyonce-YouTube-Musicians-Chloe-Halle-Bailey-Sophie-BeemBeyoncé has three new names signed to her Parkwood Entertainment company. The pop singer has tapped three teen-aged artists hailing from YouTube, with contracts totaling $1.5 million.

    The first two young ladies to join Beyoncé’s Parkwood company are Chloe Bailey (17 years old) and Halle Bailey (15 years old). The Los Angeles-based sisters, who boast over 550,000 subscribers on their YouTube channel, attracted the attention of the Beyoncé’s manager because of their cover of the pop star’s song “Pretty Hurts.” The Baileys’ cover has 8.4 million video views to date. According to The New York Post, the sisters’ father Douglas claims his daughters worship Beyoncé and he wrote documents related to the deal that “we cannot think of a better person to help guide the girls.”

    The third teenager to sign with Beyoncé is New York-based Sophie Beem. The 14-year-old singer and songwriter appeared on The X Factor in 2012, where she placed in the top 40 contestants. Beems’ YouTube channel doesn’t boast any of her own work (yet); however, TEDx Youth has a video of Beem performing at a conference at her school in 2013.

    The Bailey sisters’ $1 million contract will give the duo up to six albums over five years and kick back 15% of their earnings to Beyoncé. Meanwhile, Beem’s contract comes out to $560,000, with no album deals revealed as of yet. The Post reports Beyoncé is waiting for approval from a New York judge on the Parkwood contracts for the three young women, as they are all minors.

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  • Mobile Video Ad Revenue To Grow 39.5% By 2020

    Business-Insider-Mobile-Video-Ad-Revenue-Growth-1Digital video advertising will pull in a lot more revenue from mobile devices over the next five years. A new report from Business Insider Intelligence (BII) revealed mobile video ad revenue will grow roughly 39.5% by the year 2020.

    BII noted that by the same year, mobile video ad revenue will skyrocket past that of desktop computers, growing nearly three times as fast as revenue on those devices (which is only slated to grow 12.9%). The compound growth rate of digital video advertising revenue, as a whole, will hit 21.9%, with total digital video ad revenue topping $13.3 billion by 2020.

    Additionally, Business Insider’s research branch discovered two separate data points which will help video ad revenue reach this massive $13.3 billion figure. First, digital video will comprise 41% of all display-related advertising on desktop computers by 2020, proving that even on these less-popular devices users prefer seeing video as opposed to static ads. Second, in the month of February 2015, BII found video ads boasted click-through-rates which were 18 times higher than that of static banner ads in the month of February 2015. Conversion rates of that magnitude are likely to convince more marketers to use video advertising in the future.

    BII’s findings in regards to mobile video align with current media consumption trends. A recent report by Vdopia found the average American consumer watches 33 minutes of mobile video per day. Facebook video is seeing a lot of mobile usage, with about 65% of video views coming from mobile devices. And YouTube recently revealed its site receives more mobile views alone than any cable channel can claim.

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  • StyleHaul Partners With Amazon, Provides Original Video Product Recommendations From Fashion And Beauty Stars

    alesha-marie-amazonStyleHaul’s network of beauty, fashion, and lifestyle content creators reach hundreds of millions of viewers on platforms like YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat. Now, StyleHaul has arrived at a new frontier: Amazon. Visitors to the online retailer’s Video Shorts section (which first launched in July 2014) can find videos in which young, fashionable influencers from the StyleHaul network recommend their favorite products.

    The videos, which StyleHaul shared during its first ever Newfronts presentation, feature a few of the network’s most prominent creative partners, including Alisha Marie, Megan Parken, and Dulce Candy. In each video, the featured influencer lists off a few of her recent faves, with sidebar links directing viewers to the relevant Amazon pages for each item. The videos can also be accessed from those pages, too; they can be found in a “Related Video Shorts” section below the product description.

    Here's a link to the video hosted by Marie.

    A StyleHaul representative didn’t specify exactly how long the network has been working with Amazon, nor did he say whether any specific brands are sponsoring the videos

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  • Madame Tussauds San Francisco To Create Wax Figures Of YouTube Stars Smosh

    Smosh-Madame-Tussauds-San-Francisco-Wax-FiguresMadame Tussauds London recently announced it would turn YouTube stars Zoella and Alfie Deyes into wax figures. Now the museum’s San Francisco location is following suit. The California-based Madame Tussauds will turn YouTube sensation Smosh into wax statues.

    Smosh celebrities Anthony Padilla and Ian Hecox, who boast over 20.3 million subscribers on the duo’s main channel, recently sat for Madame Tussauds’ artistic team and sculptors and provided guidance on styling. The comedy creators’ wax representations will debut in July 2015 at the San Francisco museum. The Smosh figures will then go on tour across the U.S., including an appearance at VidCon where the duo’s first feature film is set to premiere.

    “We are delighted that the comic geniuses behind SMOSH will be the first ever YouTubers to launch in any Madame Tussauds worldwide,” said Kieran Lancini, Global Head of Media Relations for Madame Tussauds, in a release. “Moving forward, we expect to feature other renowned digital stars, but cannot think of a more exciting partner to launch our digital star series. We will be creating an authentic and engaging experience which will be unique only to Madame Tussauds.”

    “It’s an honor to be chosen as the first YouTube wax figures to launch in Madame Tussauds 250 year history, and it was an absolute thrill to be part of this amazing process,” added Smosh. “We could not be more excited to see our SMOSH wax figure doubles tour the country and see the better looking version of ourselves come to life.”

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  • Conde Nast Hires Joy Marcus As EVP, General Manager Of Video

    Conde-Nast-Entertainment-Joy-Marcus-EVP-GM-VideoCondé Nast Entertainment (CNE) has a new executive on its staff. The media publisher has named Joy Marcus to the position of Executive Vice President and General Manager of Digital Video.

    At Condé Nast’s video department, Marcus will be responsible for overseeing all channels and digital video initiatives (such as the company’s video hub The Scene), including distribution, technology, marketing, revenue, and product and business development. Marcus arrives at CNE with previous video leadership experience from her position as U.S. general manager of digital video site Dailymotion. The new executive’s position is effective starting May 18, and Marcus will report directly to CNE President Dawn Ostroff.

    Prior to CNE, Marcus served as the CEO of blog feed platform Bloglovin’. The new EVP of CNE video was also a venture partner at Gotham Ventures, where she organized the firm’s investment in female-centric digital media company DailyWorth. Before that, Marcus was at Dailymotion, and even farther back she held leadership positions at AOL, Barnes & Noble, and MTV.

    “From launching and building Dailymotion’s North American operations to her recent work at Bloglovin’, Joy has spent her career building and scaling successful digital businesses and is joining us at just the right moment to take our premium digital video business to the next level,” said Ostroff as reported by Variety. “Joy is a great manager and extremely well respected in our community, and I’m looking forward to working with her on the expansion of our business.”

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  • Rhett & Link, ‘Epic Meal Time’ Tease New Shows Alongside Collective Digital Studio

    epic-tool-timeAs with many other presentations that have taken place over the past week, Collective Digital Studio’s pitch at the 2015 Newfronts was full of content announcements. Several of CDS’ creative partners--including Rhett & Link, Improv Everywhere founder Charlie Todd, and Epic Meal Time sauce boss Harley Morenstein--took the stage at New York’s SVA Theater to discuss projects they will produce alongside their partner network.

    Rhett & Link, who create videos on their titular YouTube hub and their Good Mythical Morning channel, served as the event’s hosts, and they also announced Rethink, a series in which they will take “arbitrary formalities” and each give them “a treatment [to] see whose idea is better.” As an example, Rhett suggested a rethought version of the pinata, in which a papier-mache animal is filled with Kool Aid and kids throw spears at it.

    Other new projects include Fake Company, Inc., in which Improv Everywhere will set up a fake office and use it prank temps; The Science of Fashion, through which Wendy Nguyen will explore the titular topic; and Shaycation, which will follow Pretty Little Liars actress Shay Mitchell on her globetrotting adventures.

    CDS presenters also shared more details about previously-announced projects. Attendees viewed the first trailer for the upcoming James Patterson adaptation Maximum Ride, which will be co-executive produced by Jenna Marbles. Morenstein’s contributed to the presentation by discussing spin-off series Epic Tool Time, which he called “so stupid that it’s smart...it’s overkill.”

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  • Amazon, JetBlue Will Let Prime Users Stream Video For Free While In-Flight

    Amazon-JetBlue-Video-Streaming-Fly-FiAmazon Instant Video will soon be available to consumers in the sky. The ecommerce giant has struck a deal with JetBlue to provide unlimited, free video streaming access to Amazon Prime members through the airline’s in-flight Fly-Fi broadband internet.

    Using satellite technology, JetBlue currently provides two types of wifi connections to customers. The first is the high-bandwidth Fly-Fi, which is currently in beta testing. Fly-Fi service costs customers $9 pr hour, but is capable of video streaming. JetbBlue's other wifi offering, Simply Surf, is free but isn’t fast enough to stream video content.

    Under the JetBlue streaming deal, Prime members will receive Fly-Fi access at no extra charge to their airline ticket or Prime membership so they can stream Amazon titles in the air without interruption. Additionally, all JetBlue customers will be able to rent or buy Amazon Instant Video titles to stream during flights (as a separate cost from purchasing Fly-Fi time).

    "We want to provide the best digital video experience to our customers and we're excited that, with JetBlue, we will raise the bar in airline entertainment," said Michael Paull, Vice President of Digital Video at Amazon, in a release. "We're thrilled that Fly-Fi technology will give Prime members and customers unlimited, on-demand access to the full catalog of titles from Amazon's digital video library while they're in the sky--without the need to rush to download one more episode or movie before taking off, we're helping make airline travel more enjoyable."

    "Amazon's customer focus aligns perfectly with the experience we have created for our customers, including the best inflight entertainment, free unlimited snacks and beverages, lots of personal space with the most legroom in coach, and wide, comfortable seating,” added Jamie Perry, JetBlue’s Vice President of Brand and Product Development. “By teaming up with a category-leader like Amazon, we created a unique model where we can offer complimentary broadband internet access."

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