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  • Top 50 Most Viewed U.S. YouTube Channels • Week Of 1/23/15

    roman-atwood-ball-youtubeIt's another installment of the weekly Tubefilter Chart of the Top 50 Most Viewed U.S. YouTube Channels and a channel all about kids toys is still at the top.

    Chart Toppers

    DisneyCollectorBR is in first place on the U.S. charts for the 18th week in a row. The online video catalog featuring videos of adults playing with children's toys took a marginal 1% dip in views, but still ended the week just shy of 119 million of them. Maroon 5 is up next in the #2 spot. Adam Levine's band was sweet at "Sugar" this week and ended the seven-day stretch with more than 83.5 million views.

    Taylor Swift is next up in third place. The pop star's channel saw a 5% bump in views and racked up more than 82.6 million views during the week. In fourth place is PopularMMOs. The U.S.-based gamer scored more than 63.8 million views on the week.

    And rounding out the Top 5 is, once again, BluCollection. One of the other top destinations for videos of adults playing with children's toys amassed more than 58.3 million views during the week.

    Top Gainers

    The honor of one of our Top Gainers in the U.S. this week goes to Roman Atwood.

    The YouTube prankster had a particularly great week on YouTube thanks to a lot of plastic balls and Nissan. Under the banner of the car manufacturer's #WithDad Super Bowl campaign, Atwood turned his home into one of the biggest ball pits ever to the delight of his kids, his girlfriend, and internet audiences around the globe. "Crazy Plastic Ball PRANK!!" quickly racked up an eight-figure view count to help give Atwood's channel a 290% week-over-week increase in views, nearly 22.8 million views on the week, and the #41 spot on the U.S. chart

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  • Top 50 Most Viewed YouTube Channels Worldwide • Week Of 1/23/15

    maroon-5-sugar-youtubeDisneyCollectorBR is still in the #1 spot. The internet’s favorite destination for adults playing with children’s toys continues to rack up a heck of a lot of views, amassing nearly 119 million in the last seven days alone. PewDiePie is relatively far behind in second place. The channel belonging to twentysomething Swedish gamer Felix Kjellberg scored just shy of 94.6 [&hellip

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  • Indie Spotlight: ‘Business Time’ Is All In A Day’s Work

    business-timeOne of our favorite indie web series of 2014 was Business Work, which applied punny comedy to the workplace. The series featured in this week's Indie Spotlight brings us back into the office, and like Business Work, it thrives on absurd situations. Alex Herrald and Kristopher Knight are the creative forces behind Business Time, a seven-episode series now available in its entirety.

    The main characters of Business Time are Gene and Gene, a pair of office workers with abutting cubicles. In each episode, they banter back and forth while spewing vague business jargon at each other. What kind of businessmen are Gene and Gene? One of them has a framed photo of Ben Bernanke on his desk. The other one gets turned out by Excel spreadsheets. They both enjoy comments about the weather. Gene and Gene, you could say, are all business.

    Eventually, the episodes manage to get a little weird, as good comedy is wont to do. In a Splitsider interview, Herrald notes Tim and Eric as an influence, and the sort of bizarre humor presented by that duo is certainly on display here

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  • The Decemberists Put YouTube Comments To Music On ‘Jimmy Kimmel’

    Decemberists-YouTube-Comments-KimmelThe Decemberists recently had to deal with some decidedly less-than-artistic lyrics. The indie folk rock band who just released their seventh album on January 20, 2015 appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live and sung some rather ridiculous YouTube comments.

    Kimmel starts the segment by explaining how The Decemberists write interesting, very intelligent songs about uncommon subjects,” and then jokes they’re working on an album centered around YouTube. The band proceeds to play selections from this fake project, covering every kind of comment you expect to see on Google’s online video site, from shallow to vicious to self-promoting. They conclude by singing a comment which calls the 2005 MIT commencement speech “boring” five times in a row.

    Despite younger audiences loving the online video site, YouTube comments have never had a very good reputation. The anonymity afforded the site’s users before 2013 allowed them to write any trolling, hateful, or even completely unrelated comment they wanted to. Google tried to rectify this by forcing users to connect their Google+ accounts (which require you to use your real name) to YouTube at the end of

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  • Spike Jonze Directs Vice’s First Ever Virtual Reality Feature

    vice-news-vrVice prides itself on its intimate, personal reporting style, and the publications latest venture brings that intimacy to a new level. Spike Jonze and Chris Milk are the filmmakers behind Vice News VR: Millions March, a news feature available on virtual reality (VR) devices.

    Jonze and Milk premiered the VR film at Sundance. Millions March is hosted by Alice Speri, a Vice News correspondent who attended the large-scale protests in New York City that followed grand jury decisions in the cases of Michael Brown and Eric Garner. Speri captured footage with a 360-degree camera, and her completed feature was uploaded to an app designed by VRSE, a VR development company founded by Milk.

    Viewers are able to download VRSE's app via the iTunes Store and Google Play. The first VR device to support this app is Google's own Cardboard, but viewers are also able to view Millions March on newer mobile devices--albeit without the incredible VR experience.

    For many forward-thinking content creators, VR is the an exciting new platform for online video distribution. YouTube, for example, also plans to support videos uploaded from 360-degree cameras

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  • GoPro Partners With NHL To Capture, Broadcast Live Game Footage

    GoPro-NHL-Partnership-Live-Broadcast-FootageGoPro may be known for its users’ videos based on individual sports like surfing or mountain biking, but the brand’s new partnership with the National Hockey League (NHL) could change that. The two companies have teamed up to use GoPro camera footage during live broadcasts of professional hockey matches.

    According to TechCrunch, the NHL is interested in attracting a younger viewership to its hockey games. GoPro’s connection to this audience through action sports was apparently a good fit for the League, which plans to have on-ice players wear the cameras to provide real-time, point-of-view footage during the live broadcasts. The NHL will begin using GoPro devices and its corresponding Live Broadcast Solution during the the 2015 NHL All-Star Weekend from January 24 to 25.

    TechCrunch notes that while professional sports organizations like the NFL have already been using remote-controlled track or wire-flown cameras during games, many of the groups are looking to modernize their filming options. For example, ESPN recently announced plans to use footage from drones during broadcasts of the Winter X Games occurring this week. And GoPro already tested its Live Broadcast Solution program during the Games’ Snowmobile Speed & Style competition on January

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  • YouTube Star Colleen Ballinger (AKA Miranda Sings) Guest Hosts ABC’s ‘The View’

    Colleen-Ballinger-Miranda-Sings-ABC-The-ViewThe Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon isn’t the only TV show Colleen Ballinger (also known by her stand-offish character Miranda Sings) has recently made an appearance on. The YouTuber boasting 3.4 million subscribers across three channels was a guest host on ABC’s The View on January 22, 2015.

    Ballinger joined The View’s Nicole Wallace, Rosie O’Donnell, and fellow guest host Michelle Williams in discussing some of the most talked-about news stories of the day. The four ladies start off by defending or criticizing the New England Patriots due to the team using deflated balls during the NFL playoffs, and move into topics like first kisses and cyber-bullying. At one point, Ballinger inadvertently brought up how she and her fiancé argue about how to pronounce the word eggs, and the conversation degrades into all four women trying to figure out the “right” way to say the word.

    After the episode finished filming, Ballinger went backstage to answer questions viewers submitted to her on Instagram during the show. Some were comical, like whether or not Miranda gets jealous of Ballinger’s fame, and some were more serious, like how often the YouTuber becomes stressed due to the demands on her time. Check out the four-minute video below for all of Ballinger’s answers

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  • Musician Zoe Keating Speaks Out Against Terms Of YouTube Music Key

    zoe-keatingYouTube's Music Key service has been a lightning rod for controversy, and a recent Tumblr post from an independent musician has brought a particular issue back into the spotlight. Cellist and composer Zoe Keating has taken to her personal blog, where she wrote a post lamenting the aggressive terms musicians must now agree to if they wish to continue using Content ID on YouTube.

    Keating is known for her openness regarding the financial particulars of her dealings with streaming services, and in her new post, she lays out the rules YouTube sets forth in its new agreement. The new terms require Keating to put her catalog on YouTube Music Key, monetize her songs, release songs on YouTube as they arrive on other platforms, and upload them in high resolution. The agreement lasts for five years, and if Keating does not agree to it, she can no longer monetize her music on YouTube.

    These seem like very aggressive terms, and Keating comments that she "can’t think of another streaming service that makes such demands." While Keating doesn't have many videos on her YouTube channel, she actively uses Content ID to monetize third-party uploads that feature her music. Should she decline YouTube's new terms, she would lose the ability to do that

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  • YouTube’s Live Interview With President Obama Drew 88,000+ Concurrent Viewers

    obama-selfie-youtubeOn January 22nd, Hank Green, GloZell Green, and Bethany Mota represented YouTube during a live streaming interview with President Barack Obama. During the 46-minute event, the three content creators fired an assortment of questions at the President while engaging with viewers from around the world. Ultimately, the interview scored more than 88,000 concurrent viewers, generated more than 705 million impressions on for the #YouTubeAsksObama hashtag on Twitter, and drew a varied response from the media.

    The three interviewers each focused on the topics most relevant to them. Green about North Korea and about the feasibility of the President's political goals, GloZell asked him to discuss the relationship between minority communities and the police, and the 19-year-old Mota spent some time grilling him on the cost of a college education. The interview ended with the selfie pictured above, which YouTube quickly posted on its Twitter feed.

    YouTube's latest foray into the White House drew plenty of responses from the media. Many outlets focused on GloZell, who called Michelle Obama the President's "first wife" and said Fidel Castro "puts the 'dick' in dictator." Both CNN and Mashable dubbed the spectacle "weird," while The Washington Post commented that "it definitely felt different than most high-profile presidential interviews." Mediaite, on the other hand, praised the three YouTubers for their "serious and thought-provoking questions." Vox went completely off the map to talk about the ASCII Illuminati symbols in the comments. Pretty sure those commenters were joking, Vox

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  • Fullscreen Launches Film Division To Develop Feature-Length Movies With YouTube Stars

    Fullscreen-Films-LaunchFullscreen is taking the meaning of its name to a whole new level. The multi-channel network has announced its Fullscreen Films initiative, a production-based branch of the MCN focused solely on creating feature-length films starring some of today’s most popular digital stars.

    Three films are already in production under the Fullscreen Films banner. The first is Rooster Teeth’s Lazer Team. The Austin-based production company initially raised funds for this film on its own via a wildly-successful Indiegogo. It’s likely Fullscreen’s new initiative will help finalize the production plans as well as work on distribution options for Rooster Teeth’s first-ever feature-length film.

    Next on Fullscreen’s film slate is a documentary previously announced in June 2014 that features YouTube supergroup Our2ndLife. Though the group has just disbanded its channel, Fullscreen is apparently still moving ahead with the doc titled #O2LForever (quite a nostalgic title, considering the circumstances).

    Finally, the MCN’s new Films branch will produce The Outfield, a piece starring Viners Cameron Dallas and Nash Grier. The Outfield goes into production this week and will tell the story of a group of varsity high school baseball players who must learn to make difficult, growing-up choice both on and off the field

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