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  • Michelle Phan Launches ICON Network On YouTube, Over-The-Top Devices

    michelle-phan-iconMichelle Phan is not just a makeup expert; she's also one of the savviest businesswomen in the online video industry. For her latest venture, Phan has launched the ICON Network, a collection of lifestyle content that will be available, among other places, on YouTube, Roku, and several connected TV platforms.

    Phan has launched ICON alongside Endemol Beyond, the network she has been partnered with since May 2014. The new venture will feature content from some well-known YouTube influencers, including Ann Le of AnneorShine and Cassey Ho of Blogilates. Variety calls ICON an "[expansion] and rebranding of her original multichannel network FAWN (For All Women Network)." It has replaced the former FAWN channel, which recently added several new web series as part of Phan's deal with Endemol.

    ICON's distribution network spans "Dailymotion, Roku, Pluto TV, multiple connected TV platforms and major social media services Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest and Tumblr," according to a release. It will also be syndicated on AOL and Scripps' ULIVE platform.

    “I’m thrilled to be partnering with Endemol Beyond," said Phan in the release

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  • Talent Manager Larry Shapiro Will Leave Big Frame To Produce Projects Independently

    larry-shapiroMany of the online video stars who are landing film, TV, and book deals work closely with Larry Shapiro, a talent manager who previously served as an agent for the CAA. After joining the team at Fullscreen, Shapiro moved to AwesomenessTV's Big Frame in October 2014. Now, Shapiro is once again changing his job title. He will part ways with Big Frame, according to a report from TheVideoInk.

    Instead of moving on to a separate company, Shapiro will "return to his roots as a producer" through three as-of-yet unannounced projects, two for TV and one for film. In addition, he will continue to work with AwesomenessTV on Shovel Buddies, a recently-announced film based on a script from Hollywood's Black List. Shapiro and AwesomenessTV are expected to cast digital stars in the film's lead roles.

    At Big Frame, Shapiro and his team (which included fellow agents Rana Zand and Andrew Graham) have negotiated cross-platform deals for the YouTube and Vine stars they represent.

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  • Playlist Live To Come To DC In September, Return To Orlando In 2016

    playlist-live-dcThe East Coast's biggest online video event is coming to the nation's capital. Playlist Live, which will return to Orlando on April 22nd, 2016, will also come to the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington, DC between September 4th and 6th, 2015.

    The DC event will replace Playlist Live Tri-State, which brought dozens of YouTube and Vine stars to Secaucus, New Jersey last November. In announcing the move to DC, the organizers of Playlist Live explained how they struggled to secure a proper venue in the New York metropolitan area. "It was incredibly challenging to find the perfect space in the Tri-State area that can provide the type of environment that makes Playlist Live the most awesome creator and community event out there," reads a post on the Playlist Live website.

    Playlist Live's main event occurs each year in Orlando and attracts thousands of online video fans Marriott's Orlando World Center. The 2016 edition will run from April 24th to the 26th

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  • Vine Stars Jason Nash, Brandon Calvillo Seek $200,000 On Kickstarter For Feature Film

    fml-social-media-adventureTwo Vine stars are looking to go way beyond six-second runtimes. Jason Nash and Brandon Calvillo, who have millions of followers on the Twitter-owned video capture service, have launched a Kickstarter campaign for a film called FML: A Social Media Adventure, which will feature stars from the Vine and comedy worlds.

    In FML, Nash and Calvillo will play two friends who travel across the country in order to increase their respective follow counts on social media. Along the way, they'll run into a colorful cast of characters. Vine stars like Brittany Furlan, Eric Dunn, and Logan Paul will have roles; so too will well-known comic actors like Patton Oswalt, Busy Phillips, and Rob Corddry.

    In order to make their film a reality, Nash and Calvillo are hoping to raise $200,000 on Kickstarter. In exchange, they are offering perks that include video sessions with Vine stars, educational classes about Vine, and meetings with Vine-related companies like Collab and Niche. More details are available in the pitch video

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  • Toby Turner’s “Tobuscus Adventures” Game Has Big Debut On App Store With 3,000 Ratings

    tobuscus-adventures-wizardsToby Turner's fans waited patiently for the release of Tobuscus Adventures: Wizards, a mobile based based on the titular YouTube star's animated web series. Now, in the first few days since the game's release, those fans have eaten it up. Tobuscus Adventures: Wizards has already garnered more than 3,000 ratings and earned a place in the App Store's "Best New Games" section.

    In Wizards, players control Tobuscus as he uses magic spells to battle zombies. The game costs $4.99, and a portion of the revenue it earns will be donated to charity.

    Wizards is based off Tobuscus Adventures, the animated series that stars Turner and Gabe Hohreiter. In May 2013, Turner released an episode of the series in which the characters start an Indiegogo campaign; this storyline mirrored a real-life campaign to fund Wizards, which was ultimately greenlit after Turner and his team pulled in $642,799--more than two-and-a-half times their initial $240,000 goal--on the crowdfunding site.

    Turner initially believes the game would be playable by Halloween of that year, but it was backed up by numerous delays. In vlog videos, Turner explained his desire to revise the game until he was satisfied with the product, and on March 19th, 2015, nearly two years after it was first announced, Wizards arrived on the app store.

    "This game has been an all-consuming passion of mine over the past year and a half," said Turner in a release.

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  • An Inside Look At The Latest Class Of Beachbody YouTubers Who Got Into Serious Shape

    beachbody-youtube-test-groupEarlier this year, we covered fitness powerhouse Beachbody's "YouTube test group," where a set of top online video creators - including Jack Douglass, Bart Baker, Olga Kay, and Shira Lazar - collectively dropped over 100 pounds and 85 inches by way of Tony Horton's P90 program. The before and after photos seemed too good to be true—commenters cried 'air brush' and 'spray tan.' So when we caught wind of a new class of YouTubers for Beachbody's 21 Day Fix Extreme program with trainer Autumn Calabrese, we had to get an inside look at the process to make sure it was legit.

    The new group underwent back-to-back twenty-one day programs and featured Jennifer Veal, SourceFed stars Lee Newton and Steve Zaragoza, Timothy DeLaGhetto, Rick Carter, Shane Dawson, and yours truly. Now the last time I covered a story as an embedded journalist, I did a ridealong with the Good Cops, and things went horribly wrong. I can't say I didn't get hurt on this assignment, but this time it was a good hurt.

    As soon as we completed our first workout, I realized this was real, and committing to this program was a terrible, terrible mistake. It was only 30 minutes, but it was brutal. Here's how my fellow workout-mates described day one:

    Lee Newton: "Awful"
    Steve Zaragoza: "F@#$"
    Jennifer Veal: "Devastating"
    Timothy DeLaGhetto: "Existential"
    Shane Dawson: "Holdinginmyfartastic"

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  • Lee Newton Stars In Her Final SourceFed Video

    lee-newton-sourcefedThe last remaining member of SourceFed's original hosting team is leaving the channel. Lee Newton, who has spent the last three years delivering offbeat news stories on the Philip DeFranco-founded channel, has appeared in her final SourceFed video and said her goodbyes to her colleagues and fans.

    Unlike Joe Bereta, who left SourceFed at the beginning of the year in order to take a job at Defy Media, Newton's post-SourceFed plans aren't known, but she will at least renew her presence on her personal channel, which she has updated infrequenty since joining SourceFed.

    In 2012, Newton, along with Bereta and Elliott Morgan, appeared in SourceFed's first video. The channel has grown to reach 1.5 million subscribers and collect more than 716 million views, and along the way, it has undergone some personnel changes. In addition to Bereta, Morgan departed the channel in 2014, and several other early SourceFed hosts, such as Ross Everett and Meg Turney, have ventured on to other projects.

    Now, it's Newton's turn. For her final video, she teamed up with Everett, who returned to the channel "for this and only this."

    SourceFed accompanied the video with its own tribute to Newton. "Dear Lee," reads a post on the site, "Thank you. No seriously – THANK. YOU. Thank you for always being yourself, no matter what. On camera and off, you were and will always be the brightest ball of ridiculously weird sunshine in this insane place known as SourceFed."

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  • Top 100 Most Viewed YouTube Channels Worldwide • February 2015

    jimmy-fallon-YouTubeDisneyCollectorBR is still in the #1 spot with some massive viewership. The internet's premiere online video catalog of videos featuring the latest and greatest in popular children's toys saw a 17% month-over-month decrease in views, but still racked up more than 427.73 million views during the short 28-day month. Taylor Swift is next up in a distant second place. The country-turned-pop star's music video library's view count didn't shake off any views and saw a 1% increase to top out just shy of 363.9 million views on the month.

    The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon is up next in the #3 spot. The YouTube outpost of NBC's flagship talk show ended February with almost 320.9 million views. LittleBabyBum and its repository of classic songs for your kids came in next at fourth place. The channel keeps getting plays, witnessed a 5% uptick in views, and ended the month with nearly 315.9 million of them.

    And rounding out the Top 5 is mashamedvedtv. The YouTube channel that's home to the seemingly very popular Russian cartoon Маша и Медведь was up 7% on the month and racked up more than 308 million views.

    Savvy online video viewers will notice that Felix Kjellberg's PewDiePie channel is not in the Top 5 this month. Looking at our data, the channel saw a negative view count during February 2015 numbering in the 100s of millions. That could be an error on behalf of YouTube or it could be the result of a legitimate view count audit. The world's largest video sharing site sometimes makes mistakes when tallying view counts and then later may take away views from a channel if the company finds a miscalculation. But regardless of how the situation came to be, the data we receive from YouTube is the data we're sticking with. We'll update the numbers ASAP if we receive any updated metrics or information.

    Top Gainers

    The honor of one our Top Gainers this month goes to the aforementioned Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

    A Saved By The Bell reunion, uncanny Britney Spears impression from Christina Aguilera, and a laundry list of appearances by popular celebrities helped to give the YouTube home of NBC's late night talk show an incredible month on YouTube. In the short 28 days of February, the channel witnessed a 92% month-over-month increase in views, nearly 320.9 million views in total, and the #3 spot on the worldwide chart.

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  • Top 50 Most Viewed U.S. YouTube Channels • Week Of 3/27/15

    Will-Ferrell-Little-Debbie-On-The-Tonight-Show-Jimmy-Fallon-VideoIt's another installment of the weekly Tubefilter Chart of the Top 50 Most Viewed U.S. YouTube Channels and a channel full of videos of adults playing with children's toys is still in the top spot.

    Chart Toppers

    DisneyCollectorBR easily held onto the #1 spot on the Top 50 Most Viewed U.S. YouTube Channels chart for the sixth week in a row. The internet's premiere online video catalog for the latest and greatest in classic children's toys ended the week with more than 112.3 million views. In second place for a now long-time running is Taylor Swift. The twentysomething pop star's channel witnessed a modest 1% increase in views to top out just shy of 81.7 million.

    The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon is next up in in third place. NBC's late night talk show shot up the charts to end the week with almost 73.3 million views. BuzzFeed Videos is up next in fourth place. The main YouTube channel of the popular website known for listicles and legitimate news garnered more than 65.9 million views on the week.

    And rounding out the Top 5 is PopularMMOs. The top U.S.-gamer this week scored more than 65.3 million views during the week.

    Top Gainers

    The honor of one of our Top Gainers in the U.S. this week goes the aforementioned Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

    Jimmy Fallon's eponymous NBC late night talk show night talk show takes home the honor of being the Top Gainer in the world and the U.S. this week thanks to a cavalcade of prominent guests. Ariana Grande belted out some Celine Dion to the delight of the online video masses, but Will Ferrell's Little Debbie impersonation was a hit with the internet, too. Both celebrity appearances helped the Tonight Show's YouTube channel to a 123% week-over-week increase in views, almost 73.3 million views on the week, and the #3 spot on the U.S. chart

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  • Top 50 Most Viewed YouTube Channels Worldwide • Week Of 3/27/15

    ariana-grande-jimmy-fallonIt's another installment of the weekly Tubefilter Chart of the Top 50 Most Viewed YouTube Channels Worldwide and a channel all for the kids these days is still at the top.

    Chart Toppers

    DisneyCollectorBR is in the top spot on the charts for the sixth week in a row. The online video channel devoted to videos of adults playing with children's toys stayed relatively constant in its week-over-week view count, amassing nearly 112.4 million views during the week. In second place for the third week in a row is LittleBabyBum. The UK=based channel that serves as an online video library for everyone's favorite classic children's songs took a minor 6% hit in views to end the week with almost 88.2 million of them.

    Taylor Swift is next up in the #3 spot with a relatively constant view count as well. The international pop star's channel ended the week just shy of 81.7 million views. One of Swift's besties is up next. Felix Kjellberg's PewDiePie channel occupies fourth place, scoring nearly 81.1 million views during the seven-day stretch.

    And rounding out the Top 5 is The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. The YouTube home of NBC's late night talk show attracted almost 73.3 million views in the week.

    Top Gainers

    The honor of one of our Top Gainers this week goes to the aforementioned Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

    Jimmy Fallon's eponymous late night talk show had a particularly great week on YouTube thanks to a slew of stellar guests, but none proved more popular on the internet than Ariana Grande. Turns out the 21-year-old pop star can do a fantastic Celine Dion impression and that a lot of people watched said impression online. Grande's imitative vocals helped Tonight Show's YouTube channel to a 123% week-over-week increase in views, nearly 73.3 million views on the week, and the #5 spot on the worldwide chart

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